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Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager

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Property Management
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Central Office - Hayward

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Under the direct supervision of the Associate Director of Facilities, assists Property Operations in meeting Eden’s mission of maintaining high quality, well-maintained properties throughout its portfolio. Ensures the best use of all of its employees, tools, equipment, systems and resources. Oversee and maintain effective, efficient, and professional management of all Eden properties. Provides the best service possible to its clients (property supervisors, managers, residents, owners and investors) in a way which maximizes profits and meets annual budget projections.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Respond to property needs for major repairs and non-routine maintenance.

  • Consults with Property Supervisors when the need for major repairs or costly non-routine maintenance arises at a property. Advises as to whether the repair should be done with in-house staff or contracted out.
  • Knows the specialized skills and talents of Eden’s maintenance staff which can be used on different Eden properties to avoid expensive vendor repairs. Helps coordinate loans of staff between properties.
  • Supervises major repairs done by Eden’s maintenance staff; consults with outside resources, when necessary, to assure that best practices are followed.

Oversee the bidding and completion of long-term capital improvements and rehabilitation projects undertaken by Eden Housing Management, Inc.

  • Works closely with site staff and Property Supervisors to assess project needs and limitations, including budgetary constraints.
  • Develops scopes of work, writes specifications, obtains estimates, and prepares budgets for rehab, capital improvement and/or maintenance projects.
  • Identifies bidders, selects contractors and finalizes contracts.
  • As appropriate, solicits, reviews and approves bid packages in conjunction with Property Management.
  • Monitors work in process to ensure conformance to contract, blueprints, specifications and company standards, schedule, workmanship and signs off on completion of all projects.
  • Coordinates communications between Property Management personnel and others to keep everyone informed of project status.  

Develops standards, policies and procedures for facility maintenance to ensure a high quality, cost effective and efficient operation.  

  • Assesses current procedures and policies for annual inspections and maintenance.
  • Develops and maintains company standards and policies and procedures for maintenance, including those regarding work procedures, annual inspections, scheduling, record-keeping, reporting, shop inventory, shop organization, and standard costs.
  • Develops and maintains company standards for long-term capital improvement plans, preventative maintenance plans, and emergency preparedness plans.
  • Develops databases to track properties and their inventory, characteristics, supplies, and maintenance-related requirements.
  • Develops and maintains standard scopes of work for typical capital improvement and rehab projects.
  • Develops and maintains standard contracts or contract provisions to assist site staff in proper contracting.
  • Develops and maintains vendor lists, and help evaluate contractors and vendors for future project selection.
  • Coordinates a centralized purchasing systems to realize cost savings from bulk purchases and group purchases on service contracts and supplies to ensure the best service and price.
  • Develops uniform and consistent purchasing policies and procedures ensures understanding and compliance.
  • In conjunction with EDEN-U, develops training plans for maintenance technicians in emergency policies, procedures and practices. Provides on the job training and educational opportunities for maintenance and janitorial staff.
  • Develops and implements EHMI’s Maintenance Operations Manual.
  • Establish minimum property tool and equipment lists for properties.

Training and Testing

  • Assists staff in assessing maintenance-related problems.
  • Answers questions about maintenance policies and procedures and direct staff to appropriate resources.
  • Develops and circulates training materials on maintenance-related issues
  • Prepares and conduct regular training sessions on maintenance policies, procedures, and issues.
  • Facilitates communication within the company regarding maintenance policies and procedures and the status of major projects.
  • In conjunction with Human Resources, develops testing materials for screening potential maintenance employees.
  • In conjunction with Human Resources, conducts new hire safety training and provide ongoing training and education to maintenance and janitorial staff on safety related issues.
  • Co-Chairs quarterly maintenance training meetings with Deputy Director of Property Operations.
  • Serves as a point person for staff relative to the YARDI Maintenance Programs including: Inventory, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance Schedule (PMS) and Annual Maintenance Schedule (AMS).
  • In conjunction with property supervisors, develops training plans for maintenance technicians in emergency policies, procedures and practices. Provides on the job training and educational opportunities for maintenance and janitorial staff.
  • Assists Property Supervisors in planning and overseeing maintenance work, assuring compliance with company standards, and identifying opportunities to save money or improve work quality.
  • Develops checklists and tracking systems to help supervisory personnel verify proper maintenance work and planning.
  • Disseminates ideas for saving costs or improving quality.
  • Develops skill and performance standards for use in classifying and evaluating maintenance staff and participates in new hire interviews and evaluations of maintenance staff, as requested. Uses industry standards and best practices to develop benchmark labor and materials costs and standard methodology for routine maintenance tasks.
  • Participates in semi-annual property inspections and prepares an inspection report for submission to the Property Supervisors and Deputy Director of Property Operations on findings and recommendations for correction.
  • Attends site audits and ensures that maintenance findings are corrected within established timelines.


  • Co-Chairs Safety Committee with the Human Resources Manager.
  • Ensures proper update and maintenance of MSDS sheets by property staff.
  • Ensures that safety precautions and procedures are undertaken by site staff; that protective wear and equipment is correctly utilized as required by applicable laws and safety regulations under OSHA. Assists in the training of janitorial and maintenance staff as it relates to OSHA guidelines.


This role is responsible for managing the Assistant Facilities Manager.



  • 10 years experience working in varied construction trades or multi-family property maintenance or facilities;
  • Management experience in a senior maintenance or supervisory capacity;
  • OR an equivalent combination of education and experience in construction trades or multi-family property maintenance or facilities management.
  • Minimum of 2-year college, or university, program certificate desirable.


  • Ability to achieve results for the organization with and through other people, utilizing creative and innovative solutions, conflict management and problem solving skills.
  • Working knowledge of the California Edition of the Uniform Building Code.
  • Advanced knowledge of the tools and test equipment associated with the repair and servicing of mechanical equipment
  • Demonstrated ability to anticipate maintenance issues, plan preventative measures and to train others in high quality standards and procedure
  • Ability to adhere to Fair Housing requirements in the performance of duties and responsibilities.
  • Working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and refurbishing.
  • Ability to write job specifications and scopes of work.
  • Knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • Proficiency in the reading of blueprints and schematics.
  • Familiarity with HVAC system and various appliances.
  • Ability to oversee, direct, instruct and motivate staff.
  • Ability to work under pressure and successfully meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment, under minimal supervision
  • Ability to communicate and interface professionally and sensitively to staff, board, residents and public.
  • Ability to handle shifting and multiple priorities in a fast paced, growth environment.
  • Strong communication (verbal and written), decision-making, interpersonal, organizational, administrative, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • Flexible, innovative, detail-oriented and well organized.
  • Must be able and willing to travel to all company locations to carry out duties and responsibilities.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and database software
  • Experience working with diverse groups, i.e., staff, residents, outside contacts.
  • Commitment to the companies’ goals and philosophy.


  • Valid California Driver’s License and insurance required.
  • California Contractors License desirable.